Many business cases for embracing technological improvements around "Smart Fields®," "oilfield of the future," or "Ewells" have been centered on software deployment. Great promises often fail to deliver because they have not fully taken into consideration the interaction of the people using them or the processes needed to enable them. The provision of a fully integrated workflow not only describes the flow of data but the process steps required to utilize that data and the personnel needed to facilitate its use.


To examine what happens when the value loop of physical assets, data gathering, models and decision making is closed and to identify the ways an integrated workflow brings together people, processes, and technology to maximize the benefits provided by the digital oilfield.

Examine Results, Observations, and Conclusions

Most benefits boil down to "faster, cheaper, better" and are converted to value by:

  • Reduced elapsed time to arrive at a desired result – know sooner

  • Reduced amount of effort involved - number of man hours – decide faster

  • Reduced cost of effort – cost of man hour – cheaper

  • Increased quality – reduce errors, improve performance – better performing oilfield

Significance of Subject

There is a need to state improvement/change in an integrated workflow by:

  • Determining the data flow and interfaces with related technologies

  • Identifying the key processes which offer the most benefit

  • Position the people whose tasks are enabled by the change

  • Produce a methodology which integrates all three in a clear and logical manner

This will be demonstrated by looking at implementations in Nigeria, Norway, the UK, and some cross-project observations.


Based on experience, we can now show how an integrated workflow can enable assets to re-examine their existing processes in the light of new digital oilfield technologies and map a "leaner" approach, which adds real value and reduces the amount of change required to deploy.

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