The Azeri Field Optimizer is a modeling and optimization platform that encompasses the requirements of offshore and onshore production teams in a single, unified decision support system. The tool supports the following functionalities: data gathering and conditioning, model validation and calibration, economic process optimization and what-if analysis. The Azeri Field Optimizer uses Aspen HYSYS, PROSPER, Microsoft Excel, Aspen IP.21 data historian and ad-hoc MS SQL databases.

The heart of the tool is a high fidelity asset-wide model linked to an optimization solver that receives plant data from a centralized data historian (IP.21). The model uses a combination of first principles and bespoke algorithms to provide an accurate representation of all pressure-flow relationships, material balances and energy equations from the well bores to product delivery points.

The tool has been designed around the existing asset workflows and processes to facilitate the adoption of the technology and it has been created in such a way that allows dynamic re-configuration of the model and optimization problem by automatically capturing equipment availability indicators. This enables the asset optimization team to perform accurate day-to-day production analysis and optimization studies in a timely fashion.

The system has been tested in a number of real production situations where it has helped to: a) pinpoint hidden process behaviors that can be turned into an opportunity for economic improvement, b) identify process bottlenecks under various different production scenarios, c) co-relate offshore and onshore process constraints to find true overall optimums, and d) identify potential oil production increases averaging 3%.

This paper describes the technology and methodologies used for creating the Azeri Field Optimizer and discusses on the benefits achieved so far.

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