This paper covers different aspects of safe operations and steps organizations can take to use information technology solutions to improve the safety of their operations. Safety alerts, Information management for availability of latest documents and data, safety KPIs and integration of KPIs from different systems, GIS to track a potentially hazardous situation, Maintenance systems are examples of IT solutions for improving the safety of operations. It is also important to integrate multiple systems in order to improve workflow and reduce scope for error due to manual processes. The importance of sharing data on safety and how IT solutions can be used to share data across organizations (via a third party) will be addressed. Several different organizations where incident information is maintained will be mentioned.

Safety of operations is an important aspect of HSSE in the oil and gas industry. Several steps which organizations can take to improve safety will be discussed. These steps help in making data easily available and reducing the time spent in incorporation of Integrity Management programs. Typical results of the impact of certain IT solutions in this paper on safe operations will be discussed (the results are from the literature and not of any study conducted for this paper)

IT Solutions can help in improving safety in the digital oilfield. A variety of solutions to increase the safety of their operations via IT solutions exist. An overall assessment and proper project management of any newly designed system is also required to find any new risks due to the implemented systems as compared with the previous mode of working. Change management is also an extremely important aspect to make any new solution to be adopted successfully in the organization. One of the KPIs has to be to improve the safety of the operations.

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