E&P companies have managed drilling operations from central locations for sometime. However, operators remain limited in their ability to use the data to develop better procedures for drilling complex wells, to compare data across various vendors working on the same well, and from being able to look at the well data in time not just in depth. Realtime drilling solutions from major drilling companies focus on data they capture, are based on depth not time, and do not lend themselves to comparison's between wells.

Statoil examined this problem and has worked with Aspen Technology to develop and implement a time-based drilling solution. This solution is used in parallel with the depth based systems provided by its drilling contactors. Data is captured from the well site in real time, stored in a historian, and made available in vertical trends through time. The solution is configurable by the operator to look at different data sets side by side in time sequence. It enables closer collaboration between the geoscience, petroleum and drilling engineers working on a well. The solution leverages the data standard of WITSML to ensure compatibility between vendors.

Statoil has reduced the cost to access its data from wells, improved its ability to develop better drilling plans. Drilling is a critical, data intensive process and reliability and ease of use are essential. This system provides that reliability. Because it is reliable and real-time the decision making across disciplines can be brought to a common collaboration center where all well data is displayed and available.

This paper will present the business issues addressed the solution and benefits achieved.

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