BP's FIELD OF THE FUTURE for North American Gas Strategic Performance Unit is a ground-breaking initiative which utilizes advanced automation, collaboration and analytic tools to enable major reductions in well intervention timing, as well as, prevent and recover lost volumes more quickly.

This effort requires a phased, multi-discipline approach and encompasses changes in technology, business process and people. FIELD OF THE FUTURE begins with upgrading foundational equipment and systems, such as, current automation and field telecoms. From a systems standpoint, FIELD OF THE FUTURE requires enhancement of NAG's data management approach towards collection, storage and retrieval of significantly increased data (100x or more), from field operations. Another key component of change is the design and installation of Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACEs). ACEs are integral in this phase, as they enable multi-disciplinary teams working in collaborative spaces, to successfully interact during the decision-making process.

Even with the enhanced foundational systems, the influx of new and vast amounts of data will reach beyond personnel capability to utilize effectively, without the new technologies. To manage the additional data, FIELD OF THE FUTURE leverages integrated advanced visualization, modeling and intelligent applications functionality. These are then merged into the business process to discover areas for optimization in day-to-day operations. This leads to greater productivity, as well as, reduced decision cycle time.

Taking this one step further, FIELD OF THE FUTURE identifies viable solutions (both current and futuristic), which can further enhance benefits through analytic and business process management tools. These can empower the organization to do more with less – a problem we will confront within the North American Gas SPU, in the next five years.

The success of the program lies in the ability to integrate accurate, real-time data with people and their daily work activities. To achieve program goals, FIELD OF THE FUTURE is currently testing and refining enhancements in automation, collaboration, data/applications and processes by partnering with three Pilot Assets across North America. The ultimate measure of the program's success will be based on key performance indicators, described herein, which demonstrate real value to the Assets. These include:

  • Increased production

  • Decreased Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) incidents,

  • Reduced downtime,

  • Greater organizational capability,

  • People productivity

  • Increased operational efficiency.

FIELD OF THE FUTURE has the potential to impact every aspect of field operations and must be strategically aligned with other BP corporate initiatives. Thus, FIELD OF THE FUTURE must have executive alignment and active executive leadership to enable change. Finally, FIELD OF THE FUTURE is not about individual technologies, but about the integration of tools and capabilities spanning people, process and technology.

The presentation paper will give an update on the current status of work at the three Pilots and share key Lessons Learned by NAG FIELD OF THE FUTURE, in this journey.

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