Many companies are faced with project and data tracking issues. How to make information related to a project readily available to the people doing the project? When people move to different projects or even to different companies, how to keep the expertise in past work on the projects and make such experiences available to new people coming to the projects?

This paper describes how a web-based database management system is used to address such issues. Each day, users input project notes, questions, and files to be shared into the web-based system. Users in different office locations and different time zones can share the information easily, either in office, at home, or during travel. Managers can review project progress anytime anywhere, such as during an offsite meeting. Questions about the project can be answered by people in different offices or different time zone. Besides project notes and files, data available to the users may include completion information, workover activities, markers, well logs, petrophysical analysis, seismic locations and views, production data, and accounting data. To keep the system simple to use, different level of complexity can be selected, and different levels of security can be assigned to different users.

Management leadership is needed to take full advantage of such system, since not everyone is used to writing notes when they work. Once implemented, such system can save lots of time in tracking a project and getting new people familiar with the project.

A web-based integrated tracking system can significantly reduce the time needed for a project team to retrieve information. Information is also saved even when people move, making it easy for new people coming to the project to continue the work, or for people in other projects to reference the experiences.

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