The application of intelligent well technology has greatly increased, however, integrating real-time data into a reservoir management work flow, and accurately predicting the hydrocarbon delivery to meet optimization requirement is still an elusive task. This paper presents a single intelligent well optimization strategy and composite IPR technology to fill this gap. By referencing individual zone production to one nodal reference point, a general model was developed to combine the fluid flow from individual zones. The model integrates each individual zone's IPR with the production constraint equipment's flow performance to generate composite IPR's corresponding to the relative ICV choke setting. By integrating this composite-IPR with tubing flow performance, the hydrocarbon deliverability of the intelligent well and production fluid allocation of each zone can be reasonably predicted. Furthermore, to convert the real-time monitoring data into tangible value, this paper has proposed a two intelligent well optimization strategies. By combining the gauge data with a real-time flow distribution model, the production allocations of individual zones can be predicted. The composite IPRs provide operators reliable data to accurately predict the hydrocarbon delivery of the well and enable them to make decisions to meet optimization requirements.

Assuming a hypothetical two-zone intelligent well case, a computer model was developed to demonstrate this composite IPR method. This work provides engineers with a reliable tool for designing, analyzing and optimizing the production and downhole ICV operations of the multiple zone intelligent production well.

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