BP North America Gas has completed the first stage of a ground-breaking R&D field trial in Arkoma, involving use of online integrated asset models and map-based visualization tools. This application called MAPS (Maximizing Asset Performance System) enables operators and engineers to geographically navigate and explore real-time operating data and model results across a large field, gaining new insights and interrelationships needed to optimize field and production performance.

In Arkoma and other assets, optimizing wells and facilities to achieve maximum performance requires sifting through volumes of data for hundreds of producing gas wells. MAPS is a new innovative means to geographically view and playback real-time data visually, enabling operators and engineers to navigate, explore, and discover information about the field and production. Through use of MAPS, online integrated asset models and real-time map-based visualization are now available to operations and engineering personnel from virtually any location, enabling better and faster identification of operating issues and opportunities for further action.

Integrity management issues are being addressed through use of MAPS and online models which are capable of providing insight and visibility into thousand miles of pipeline in terms of monitoring corrosion and erosion factors, as well as managing water, chemical usage or various location-based HSSE metrics. The MAPS tool is not limited to well or pipeline performance, but capable of locating and tracking field personnel and mobile equipment for managing field activities such as maintenance, drilling, equipment surveillance, or emergency evacuation. What began as a concept has now expanded into a robust visualization and modeling application which is expected to grow across other BP assets as part of FIELD OF THE FUTURE roadmap.

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