eDrilling is a new and innovative system for real time drilling simulation, 3D visualization and control from a remote drilling expert centre. The concept uses all available real time drilling data (surface and downhole) in combination with real time modelling to monitor and optimize the drilling process. This information is used to visualize the wellbore in 3D in real time. The system is composed of the following elements, some of which are unique and ground-breaking:

  • An advanced and fast Integrated Drilling Simulator which is capable to model the different drilling sub-processes dynamically, and also the interaction between these sub-processes in real time. The Integrated Drilling Simulator is used for automatic forward-looking during drilling, and can be used for what-if evaluations as well.

  • Automatic quality check and corrections of drilling data; making them suitable for processing by computer models.

  • Real time supervision methodology for the drilling process using time based drilling data as well as drilling models / the integrated drilling simulator.

  • Methodology for diagnosis of the drilling state and conditions. This is obtained from comparing model predictions with measured data.

  • Advisory technology for more optimal drilling.

  • A Virtual Wellbore, with advanced visualization of the downhole process. A new generation visualization system designed to integrate all participants involved, will enable enhanced collaboration of all drilling and well activities in a global environment.

  • Data flow and computer infrastructure.

The combination of the various elements will make e-Drilling very attractive to the new people coming into the industry; the "game boy generation".

e-Drilling has been implemented in an Onshore Drilling Center in Norway. This paper will present the e-Drilling system as well as experiences from its use.

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