BP's Azerbaijan Strategic Performance Unit (AzSPU) has a very active and rich technology programme. It has been developed to meet the key challenges of operating within the Caspian region and to maximise business value. The key challenges facing the AzSPU that need to be addressed via the application of technology are: complex depletion plans, unconsolidated reservoirs, a difficult overburden to drill and an integrated development, gathering and export system. The key technology drivers are: reservoir management, new well delivery, drilling and completions performance, and facilities' operating efficiency.

To meet these challenges AzSPU has engaged in a number of key strategic technologies: advanced seismic, intelligent completions, zonal flow monitoring and control, and the FIELD OF THE FUTURE. These technologies collectively address the business challenges and will underpin superior business delivery.

Taken individually each of these technology areas has the potential to significantly impact the bottom line, but maximum benefit will only be realized when they are integrated along the value chain. The FIELD OF THE FUTURE programme in Azerbaijan aims to systematically integrate these technologies by optimising production and operating efficiency across this value chain, from the well's sand face 6km below the surface of the Caspian to the tanker 1760 km away in Ceyhan, Turkey.

AzSPU's the FIELD OF THE FUTURE programme has a detailed five-year plan and a longer term strategy. The value proposition for the first phase of this programme is to deliver 14mbpd by 2009. This paper outlines the FIELD OF THE FUTURE programme and highlights how it aims to integrate the whole value chain and maximise business value. This will include discussion on the key challenges and strategies involved, including technology development data analysis and interpretation, organisational capability and the integration of people, process and technology.

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