Certain formations in the Anardarko Basin have not responded well to acid-base cleanup or breakdown treatments. The use of a Nonacid Reactive Solution (NARS) for deep wells where both formation sensitivity and excessive corrosion of tubular goods present problems can produce improved well response. Laboratory analyses of the Morrow, Red Fork and Springer formations in the Anadarko Basin justify the use of NARS for stimulation treatments in these formations.

Laboratory data and production results demonstrate that NARS can be used as an economical and effective method of mud removal in wells which are drilled with oil-base mud. Further studies investigate the effect of NARS on downhole tubular goods. Well histories in the three formations support the effectiveness of the fluid, and the variety of treatment designs dictated by the diverse formation characteristics demonstrates the versatility of NARS.

By concentrating the study of rock lithologies, core and laboratory analyses, and production results, NARS can be used in breakdown and cleanup treatments more effectively than acid-base fluids in sensitive formations.

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