A major, and costly, problem in producing gas in the Anadarko Basin can be the production of shale. Shale production can plug surface equipment, the wellbore or cause collapse of a properly designed casing or liner. An examination of five wells that have "shaled off" in northwest Caddo County is discussed to draw some conclusion as to why shale was being produced. Each of these five wells had a production potential of at least 2 MMCFD in the Springer-Britt Sand. Production was lost and the zone had to be abandoned.

This paper examines the Britt Formation, where shale problems have been encountered. Potential solutions to cementing practices, perforation placement, stimulation techniques and production practices are outlined. Results from the five-well study are correlated and recommendations for future completions are made. These correlations and recommendations should be applicable to other geopressured reservoirs with shale production problems.

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