In deepwater and ultra-deepwater wells with multiple zones to complete, single-trip multizone completions are an increasingly common alternative to standard stacked completions. Several trips are saved by avoiding running plugs, stimulating, and then running sections of completion equipment. In addition to running the completion, stimulating, and gravel packing in a single run, today's multizone systems are rated for higher operating pressures, enabling higher pump rates and higher proppant volumes, as compared to conventional stacked completions. Along with the many benefits that single-trip multizone completions provide, they also introduce additional operational challenges in the well-completion process. One of these challenges is that multiple hydraulic set packers and screens must be run through perforation zones prior to being deployed at the intended depth. This necessitates a run to remove flash, burrs, and other debris that are left behind by the perforating operation from the casing and inside of the well. This is commonly referred to as a deburring run. In addition to restoring a smooth casing wall, a sump packer must be cleaned out and sufficient space below the packer cleared of debris for proper installation of the multizone completion. These two critical objectives have been addressed by running an innovative combination of wellbore clean-out tools, toolstring design, and detailed operating parameters.

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