Given the high cost of drilling in any offshore environment, operators require reliable tools that can be utilized safely. Operators also want a tool that can excel in rigorous offshore drilling operations while being user friendly. Reliability of hydraulic drilling jars can improve by adding an internal component to the jar which will release the jar before it reaches its maximum over-pull load. An added benefit of this component is it also makes the tool more user friendly. Concerning safety, the fewer components that are external to the tool, the safer the tool becomes. Specifically, removing the need for an external safety collar eliminates a safety hazard by preventing an overhead object from falling to the rig floor. Finally, excelling in the rigorous offshore environment can come from a jar that is designed to hit harder than ever before.

This paper introduces a hydraulic drilling jar that includes the latest technology related to safety, reliability and strength. Safety aspects of the tool are presented as well as a module internal to the tool that improves its reliability. This module also makes it easier for the driller to operate the jar. The engineering principles that explain why this jar has an improved hitting force are also presented. The paper closes with a section dedicated to field results received from the Gulf of Mexico. A cost savings analysis is also be presented showing how certain features of this jar provide the operator with a more efficient use of rig time.

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