The offshore industry's current trend is driving towards ultra deepwater wells, combined with deeper total depths. In order to be able to set and run larger and heavier casing strings with hook loads approaching or exceeding 2.5 million lbs, an innovative heavy duty landing system has been developed and put on the market.

Such systems must be capable of landing heavy loads while ensuring slip crush resistance. It includes an extended slip with enhanced design (coupled with a new greasing system), a 2.5 million lbs landing carrier and a pipe with a thick walled high strength material section, a light weight tube, and a rotary shouldered connection.

One of the current operational challenges with existing heavy duty landing strings is linked to the positioning of the slips, in particular when using extended slip designs. The limited length of the slips area requires additional time for proper positioning and set up. To address these issues, a new slip proof section design has been developed: the combination of an extended crush proof section and the absence of a heat affected zone in that particular area decreases running time while completely eliminating the risk of setting the slips on a weak point.

The "Spiri-Reinhold pipe crushing" formula has been used to design this system. However, considering the approximation of this model's results, crushing performance has been assessed using the Finite Element Analysis, as well as physical tests performed with a specifically designed pulling unit. These full scale test results have been compared to the ones obtained with both the Finite Element Analysis and the standard "Spiri-Reinhold pipe crushing" formula.

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