Patented by Meta, Metalmorphology™ uses established metal working principles that balance the mechanical strength of steel to shape metal downhole and create metal-to-metal solutions that ‘morph’ together and conform perfectly to the shape of the well.

The V0 ISO14310 certified 14" × 16.5" Meta Liner Tieback™ is a full axial load bearing, downhole tubular connection system, gas tight, that connects the liner to a tieback string of casing using Meta's patented Metalmorphology technology. No other technology achieves the durability and permanence of the Meta Liner Tieback in deepwater operations. This is compared to elastomeric-based solutions in particular that are perishable and sometimes last only up to six months in V0, deepwater conditions.

As well as demonstrating compliance, there are other benefits. The solution requires minimal rig time for the landing and spacing out of the casing string – a practice that without this technology can take up to several days. Limited IDs in casing strings can also be overcome to achieve high load bearing capabilities. Finally, the Meta Liner Tieback and the establishment of structural integrity will allow asset teams to drill deeper.

This paper will underline the development of deepwater products born from Meta's proven technology and will examine how the dynamics of new well challenges through redesign were applied in deepwater Liner Tieback and completion designs.

It will also explain the methodology and evolution in design which has enabled major operators to meet new legislative well design requirements in the Gulf of Mexico and the advantages of using Meta technology as ‘planned in’ casing, liner and completion design.

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