An operator and its partners operating in the Gulf of Guinea decided to drill and complete a horizontal open hole gravel pack well in deep water field to optimize production. Minimizing formation damage during the drilling and completion operation was a primaryconcern. In addition to preventing formation damage, the relative narrow pressure window, scaling tendency of formation water with divalent brines were concerns requiring the implementation of new fluid systems to mitigate the aforementioned issues. This required intensive laboratory design process and preplanning. Drilling and completion fluids were designed and customized based on results from tests previously mentioned. Compatibility between all fluids with formation water were assessed at 180, 225 and 250°F. Return permeability simulated drilling and completion sequences to prove non damaging properties. Logistic field challenges to handle systems were successfully managed in a remote location by sufficient pre-planning. Selected fluid systems were used in the field to successfully drill and complete the alpha beta open hole gravel pack well, with higher than expected production. Design process, results and field application parameters are discussed in this paper.

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