Intelligent Reservoir Management and Monitoring has played a key role in the pursuit of improving the hydrocarbon recovery and reducing the development expenditure in the challenging multi-stacked compartmentalized fields which have proved to be perplexing in a number of ways which include preventing or delaying water breakthrough, extenuating wellbore instability, sand production etc.

Reservoir-management and monitoring options have been greatly improved in recent decade by smart completions comprising of downhole monitoring and control equipments like permanent down-hole gauges to have "eyes" into the reservoir and to monitor performance for each zone; dynamic active flow control valves, which aid in equalization of the reservoir inflow into the wellbore; and the SCADA system which enables the real time monitoring and control of the downhole and surface equipment remotely from the control room.

Proper application of this methodology can be one of the most lucrative ventures that an operator undertakes, by delaying water breakthrough problem to recover additional monthly cumulative production than a conventional production method in such reservoirs. This method also results in avoiding the heavy intervention expenses, extending economic life of the field, improving reservoir management, zonal isolation, allowing real time well testing, fewer wells and less operating expenditures.

This paper discusses real field design methodology and outcomes of different wells that resulted in restoring the production by greater than 1000 B/D, minimizing the OPEX by eliminating huge cost oriented interventions of $10 MM (per intervention), saving Millions of Dollar investments as CAPEX via IWC re-completion with multi-lateral technology and an augment of EUR of about 2 MMSTB per well. The paper also enlightens a comprehensive logic guideline towards the tool box of the technology, including the applied workflow, procedures and standards with the field examples and desired results.

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