This presentation will provide an overview of the system integration test (SIT) conducted on one of Marine Well Containment Company's (MWCC) modular capture vessels (MCVs), the EAGLE TEXAS, during Summer 2014. The MCVs are an integral part of MWCC's containment system and the company's mission to remain continuously ready to respond to a deepwater well control incident. Conducting initial integration, commissioning and a SIT will help to ensure that the MCVs successfully perform as designed prior to ever being needed to respond to an incident and will also demonstrate MWCC's readiness to industry and regulators. Successful completion of the SIT will be a significant milestone in the delivery of MWCC's expanded system. Resulting outcomes and insights from the SIT will be shared during this presentation.

With a containment system in place, maintained in a state of readiness, MWCC is building on its current capabilities with the construction of an expanded system; enhancements include the ability to cap and flow a well in greater water depths and increased containment capacity. Additionally, the system includes use of specially converted Aframax tankers – MCVs – designed to improve response and containment efforts, including decreasing congestion at the incident site; providing increased liquid storage capacity; and the ability to process, store and offload the liquids to shuttle tankers.

MWCC selected Kiewit Offshore Services in Ingleside, TX as its shore base provider to house, maintain and test equipment that will outfit its MCVs. Kiewit is completing the initial integration and commissioning work on the MCVs, will support MWCC during the SIT, and would outfit the MCVs prior to deployment during a response. In September 2013, the EAGLE TEXAS arrived to Ingleside where it began module lift work and initial integration. The EAGLE LOUISIANA arrived at Ingleside in Spring 2014 for initial integration and commissioning work.

Completion of the initial integration, commissioning and SIT on the EAGLE TEXAS will signify an important step in MWCC's progress toward delivery of the expanded system in 2014. This achievement not only underscores industry's readiness, but it exemplifies MWCC's commitment to continue advancing technologies to keep pace with its members' evolving needs.

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