High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) wellbore designs are addressing deeper targets using more complex well paths. Solid expandable tubular (SET) systems have evolved to enable these wells to reach these deeper objectives with the planned wellbore diameter. Recent advancements in expandables have increased the mechanical ratings and maximum temperature of specific SET system sizes.

High-performance (HP) SET systems significantly increase pressure ratings in three sizes for a range of applications: 7-5/8 in. (for 9-3/8 in., 9-5/8 in., 9-7/8 in., and 10-1/8 in. base casings), 8-5/8 in. (for 10-3/4 in. base casing), and 11-3/4 in. (for 13-3/8 in., 13-5/8 in., and 14 in. base casings). Compared to standard SET systems, the collapse rating doubled for the 7-5/8-in. and 8 5/8-in. systems and tripled for the 11-3/4 in system. These HP systems increase the options available for designing HPHT wellbores. This paper will review GOM case histories for both drilling and repair applications.

A high-temperature SET system has also been developed to support drilling in deeper, higher temperature formations. Developed initially as a 7-5/8 in. SET system, it has a 450°F (230°C) rating that is 50°F (10°C) more than standard SET. The increase provides operators with a critical additional casing string deep in the wellbore.

These advances ensure that SET technology will play an increasingly prominent role in HPHT wellbore construction as operators optimize wellbore casing designs and reduce risk.

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