Past experiences in the Sapphire location in the Mediterranean, have witnessed wells which suffered damage in various storms; being pulled over to at least 2.5° inclination by the attached riser. With the increasing rental rates for semi-submersibles, the challenge was to cement the conductor casing in highly unconsolidated shallow sands, while eliminating the need for time consuming Top-up jobs, causing rig time loss with hefty rig rates.

The objective was to formulate an unconventional, quick-setting light weight cement slurry, with high compressive strength, thus providing adequate axial capacity for landed-off casing weights., while preventing cement subsidence after placement. Extensive Laboratory testing and Field results indicating the rate of success of this technique will be covered within the scope of this paper.

In this paper, the authors will discuss the cause of the problem, the approach taken forth by all participating parties and the overall approach taken to achieve success in minimizing rig time lost and achieve axial support.

This technique can be applicable for cementing conductor casing in most deep water environments, where very low temperatures are experienced at seabed. The field verified rate of success was mainly attributed to proper data collection and proper testing procedures.

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