New wear resistant materials for hardfacing of tool joints have been developed and were successfully tested under relevant conditions at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering (ITE) of the Techn. Univ. Clausthal, Germany.

Out of a total of eight new products two combinations of hardmaterial and bond were very positive with respect to following two criteria:

  • -

    low wear figures for the protected tool joint in very abrasive formations and

  • -

    low casing wear due to axial and rotating interaction of the protected tool joint under radial loads (5-1/2" tool joint in 9-5/8" casing Grade C-90)

The new products show drastic improvements with respect to earlier results under similar test conditions.

Results are presented in OD-wear of tool joint and reduction of wall thickness of casing material with respect to distance slid, i. e. in pm/km.

A new testing facility allowing a combination of axial movement and rotation was used. Beside casing material Grade C-90 abrasive Silicon Carbide (SiC) material shaped to 8-1/2" borehole contour with a contact length of 10 inch were used.

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