Well 2/4-14 in the Norwegian Sector encountered well control problems in January 19S9 at a depth of 4734 m. After some days effort to reestablish normal pressure control the well blew out on surface of the floater and had to be closed in using the shear ram. This left the subsea BOP closed and with a shut in wellhead pressure of 10000 psi. In addition a full string of drillpipe with approximately 4500 m of coiled tubing was left in the well. After an attempt to regain control by bullheading heavy mud, in which a flexible kill line bursted, the well was left for a periode. Preparations were made to reenter the well with high pressure snubbing equipment to fish out the drillpipe and coiled tubing, so that the well could be circulated dead. In parallel to this effort a relief well was started immediately.

After the well was reopened it was discovered that the casing had bursted and that the well was blowing out underpound.

On December 12, 1989, 295 days after the shear ram was closed, the well was killed.

Another four months were required to finish cleanup and final abandonment of the blowout well.

The paper presents the case history and indicates some of the tools and technology that was developed to regain control of this well.

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