The Khuff Gas Development program involves many disciplines from the early planning stages to the final producing stage. This paper will highlight the plans for drilling and producing the primary well configurations for 4-1/2 in. (114.3 mm) and 7 in. (177.8 mm) Khuff gas completions in Saudi Arabia.

The problems of abnormally high pressured gas and/or water zones, lost circulation, water sensitive shale, and high temperatures that are encountered while drilling a Khuff gas well will be discussed as well as the high solids deflocculated polymer (HSDP) drilling fluid that has been developed and field proven at densities as high as 156 pcf (20.9 ppg) and sustained BHSTs above 300° F.

The downhole completion and production considerations of these wells will be covered and certain aspects interrelated to this discussion such as fluid properties, safety concerns, scale and corrosion will be addressed.

Finally, the possible causes and solutions for annular pressure that is sometimes observed after cementing the abnormally high pressured gas zones with 160 pcf (21.4 ppg) cement slurries will be reviewed along with operating experience gained to-date to provide an overall picture.

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