Both operators and contractors have greatly Increased their loss prevention efforts in recent years. However one of the toughest problems has been to overcome the lack of true operator involvement in coordinating and enforcing safety programs on drilling projects involving multiple contractors supplying different services. Drilling contractors have complained that untrained service personnel and a lack of operator support undermine their programs. On the other hand, operators and service companies often accuse the drilling contractors of not enforcing their policies and programs at the rig site.

Unocal's Western Region Drilling Department has taken the approach that only the operator can truly coordinate and enforce multi-contractor safety. programs at the rig site. We have implemented a comprehens ive, cooperative program over the past three years. This paper will describe our efforts in detail and explain how we work to coordinate different contractor loss prevention prograsm from the initial service contract through a post-operation review after the well has been drilled. We will emphasise the specific programs that have been implemented to make safety the number one priority of all personnel at the rig site regardless of employer. This paper will also include examples of multi-contractor statistical data that provide a true picture of safety performance.

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