This study examines the automation of the traditionally manual slip-to-weight (S2W) and weight-to-slips (W2S) sequences in drilling. Historically, best practices for these sequences were individually maintained. In alignment with a major operator's protocol in the Midland Basin, our approach focuses on mitigating bit damage and standardizing connection methods. A pivotal feature of this automation was its adaptability to different sequences and parameters without altering the software. After comprehensive testing on a drilling simulator, a field trial was initiated in the Midland Basin. Following positive feedback on the system's consistency and reliability, its use was expanded to three more rigs. The results revealed enhanced operator and rig contractor performance, especially in uniform connection performance and improved S2W and W2S durations. A collaborative relationship between product teams, operations, and the operator was essential in maximizing these benefits. Crucially, the collaboration between the operator and rig contractor was key to developing a quickly adopted, value-driven product.

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