This paper describes an automated system for the capture of torque and drag (T&D) data that can alert the driller to impending issues. The automated system is managed by a real-time operating center (RTOC) that utilizes live T&D data to make informed recommendations to the driller.

The system utilizes existing high-frequency surface sensor data to sample hookload and torque and, through an automated system, intelligently determines T&D data. This data is displayed to the driller and managed via a rig floor mounted human-machine interface (HMI). An RTOC is employed to remotely manage this system and provide the driller with feedback and recommendations on remedial action based on observed wellbore conditions.

This continual feedback loop of actual T&D data to the RTOC also allows for a more accurate model to be updated and simultaneously displayed on the driller screen while drilling. An updated friction factor roadmap provides the driller/RTOC an accurate reference point for their T&D data.

Given the multitasking nature of a driller's job, it has been seen that T&D information can be overshadowed by other operational matters. It is observed that the automatic update of friction factors and automated, intelligent hookload and torque alarms can alert a driller/RTOC of impending problems that may be missed otherwise.

Historically, T&D had been manually recorded by a driller and periodically sent in to the office or calculated at an RTOC but disconnected from the rig floor. By applying "capture" logic to raw, high-frequency sensor data, we can now get consistent and reliable T&D data that is immediately available to the driller, the RTOC, and the drilling team.

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