Dynamic Real Time Simulation, Forecasting and 3D Visualization was utilized extensively in support of a very challenging HPHT drilling operation in the Norwegian Sea. The well was a vertical exploration well in the Haltenbanken area.

In preparation to the operation, an advanced training session was performed using a dynamic downhole training simulator linked to a topside rig simulator, for training of the drilling teams.

A real-time link was established with the operation, and WITSML data in addition to all well, fluid and string data was streamed into a dynamic, real-time simulation system. This simulation system provided the following;

  • RT dynamic modelling of the pressure (ECD) and temperature profile in the wellbore; the cuttings distribution and its effects on the ECD;

  • Automatic look-ahead simulations of ECD and temperatures on the fly was performed with the calibrated models as support for decisions.

  • RT profiles of simulated versus measured pressure at the PWD, and simulated versus measured standpipe pressure

  • RT dynamically updated 3D Visualization of the downhole wellbore with a continuously updated risk picture made available for the drilling teams.

Seamlessly linked to the RT system was a sophisticated what-if and planning model. 24 hour forecasting of operation was provided every day, and this gave a very good indication of future possible operational impacts. In addition to 24 hours forecasting, pre-planning simulations of upcoming sub-operations as well as what-if simulations on the fly were performed. The results from these simulations were used to update the risk register and made available in the 3D Visualization window.

Three specific cases will be discussed in the paper;

  • Pre-simulation of running the 9 7/8″ casing

  • Pre-simulation of cementing the 9 7/8″ casing

  • RT modeling of ESD in case of mismatch between rig calculated and measured values

In these cases the simulations provided valuable results which increased the risk awareness and prevented problems.

The paper will also discuss the RT 3D Visualization and its impact on reducing risks and communicating the dynamic risk picture.

The total simulation system with infrastructure, models and challenges will also be presented.

The operation was successful, and the results from the simulation system was a contributor to this.

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