As the shale revolution continues to boom, the industry is facing ever-growing pressure to increase overall efficiency when it comes to drilling operations and rig moves. This paper addresses improvements in pad-to-pad rig moves. The industry is using several different rig moving procedures, but there is a need to determine how each can be improved. Relevant data is in high demand from many players within the land rig market.

Observation and analysis of twelve different rig moves in the study yielded noteworthy data. By utilizing techniques primarily from other industries, the different "steps" of a rig move were quantified. Documentation of the entire rig move process included rig down and rig up sequences, equipment utilization, pad site layouts, as well as potential design improvements.

Through collaboration with a drilling contractor, the results of the study were converted into actual improvements. The improvements both design and process related, saved money and increased the number of wells drilled per year. Studying the entire process of moving a rig resulted in faster, cheaper, and more efficient rig moves. Contractors, operators, and oilfield suppliers throughout the industry can realize the benefits of efficient moves.

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