The paper presents a highly advanced training simulator that combines an advanced top-side simulator with a dynamic downhole simulator with an advanced transient integrated hydraulics and thermal wellbore model and a dynamic torque and drag model. The simulator is aimed at drilling and well operations, and is able to handle most of the normal operations, including high pressure high temperature (HPHT) wells, through-tubing rotary drilling (TTRD), extended reach drilling (ERD) and managed pressure drilling (MPD).

The underlying simulator technology is modular, allowing for new modules to be added at a later stage. For instance, MPD control systems can easily be added to the simulator, allowing for training on an MPD operation with both the drilling crew and the MPD supplier. The simulator is able to use pre-programmed scenarios, replay, fast forward and rewind to facilitate efficient training and review sessions

Moreover, the simulator is designed to provide realistic personnel training on emergency procedures and operations such as well control in a safe environment, thereby limiting the human factor in critical operations as well as possibly improving the procedures by frequent use and revision. Also, the simulator allows for integration of HSE in early well planning through simulator training on the actual well to be drilled.

The main innovation is to use dynamic models verified in real-time operations together with an advanced top-side drilling equipment simulator for training on well specific scenarios.

The value added for the industry is to give the drilling and/or engineering teams a possibility to verify and train on identified risk elements prior to drilling a well, as well as retrain during the operation on a "true" virtual copy of the well.

So far more than 60 drilling teams have experience from training, and the feedback has been very positive.

The paper will present the simulator as well as experiences from typical training cases on challenging wells.

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