This paper describes the field experience of a new hybrid bit based on proven polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit designs with rolling cutters on the bit periphery. A hybrid bit can drill shale and other plastically behaving formations up to three or four times faster than a roller-cone bit by being more aggressive and efficient.

The penetration rate of a hybrid bit responds linearly to revolutions per minute (RPM) unlike roller-cone bits, which have an exponential response with an exponent of less than one. In other words, the hybrid bit drills significantly faster than a comparable roller-cone bit in motor applications. Another benefit is the effect of the rolling cutters on the bit dynamics.

Compared to conventional polycrystalline diamond cutter bits, torsional oscillations are as much as 50% lower; stick/slip is reduced at low RPM, and whirl at high RPM. This gives the hybrid bit a wider operating window and greatly improves toolface control in directional drilling.

The hybrid drill bit technology combines roller-cone and PDC bits into a single patented design, employing the best attributes of each bit type to improve reliability and efficiency, while ensuring performance consistency in the most problematic applications. This revolutionary technology has a large spectrum of applications, excelling in typically troublesome formations for PDC and roller-cone bits, such as interbedded hard and soft stringers or hard nodular inclusions.

The results of a field test in an inland application will be presented, comparing the performance of hybrid bits with conventional PDC and roller-cone bits used on offset wells.

A planning and engineering process was applied, ensuring high-quality support to the operator in the office and at the rigsite. The client saved multiple conventional tungsten carbide insert bit runs and drilled 100% farther, ultimately achieving a rate of penetration (ROP) two times faster than the best tungsten carbide insert (TCI) bit run in the same well.

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