Industry analogies provide excellent insight to finding the optimum balance among manual, automatic and remote operations. They can also provide excellent insight into data displays and decision making.

It is very important to define current state and future desired state for data acquisition, processing, decision making and work flow in high performance drilling operations. Understanding the difference between these two states provides the opportunity to guide the successful implementation of Drilling Systems Automation (DSA) and Real Time Operations Centers (RTOC's). Aviation and space flight have been offered as appropriate analogies for the future application of drilling systems automation. Formula One (F1) motor racing offers a highly competitive analogy for managing data flows combined with control systems.

Various industry analogies are reviewed for their applicability to DSA and RTOC's. The benefits and drawbacks of each are highlighted. An assessment utilizes insights from other analogous industries to provide the opportunity to define best practices and relevant application for various well types from these analogies.

Advanced application of DSA and RTOC's will change the role of the driller as well as the competency make up and location of the drilling team. Maximum benefit from DSA and RTOC's can be achieved through carefully planned implementation based upon relevant learning from other industries.

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