During the SPE ATW on Automation (April 13-14, 2010 in Galveston), it was identified that one of the major opportunities in the Drilling and Completions industry is the identification of non-planned events, including invisible lost time with the objective to improve performance by building a value added proposition that involves operators, service companies, contractors and equipment manufactures.

The key point was to share risk and reward by using an unbiased system that is able to accurately measure, in an automated form, most of the routine drilling and completions operations that will be compared against pre-agreed benchmarks to establish if the goals and objectives are being achieved.

The technology presented in this paper explains how automatic operations detection are carried out to address the proposed challenges and the necessary reporting and user interaction needed. The theory and one case history on this will be presented and will cover the start up phase of such initiative, and all of its push backs, and lead the readers through the implementation and final results that were successfully achieved.

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