ConocoPhillips is developing the Magnolia field with a tension leg platform (TLP) in 4,674 ft of water at Garden Banks block 783 in the Gulf of Mexico. The wells produce primarily from thick, fine-grained, Pleistocene-age reservoirs. Due to the long lengths of the producing reservoirs and large variations in sand grain sizes/permeabilities, premium screens with shunt tubes in conjunction with cased hole frac packs have been used to complete the wells.

The third well, A1ST1BP1, was completed using the same techniques as were successfully used on the first two wells. The A1ST1BP1 completion failed during initial unloading, allowing unacceptable rates of sand production. The well was worked over and the tubing with eight control lines and premium sand control screen with shunt tubes were retrieved/fished from the well with minimal problems. The retrieved screens had collapsed around the perforated base pipe. The well was re-perforated, new screens run and a second frac-pack pumped. When laying down the washpipe after the second frac-pack, erosion marks indicated an apparent second screen failure.

A detailed examination of both A1ST1BP1 frac-pack jobs was conducted in conjunction with laboratory collapse and erosion testing of the premium screens. Collapse testing revealed the screen lost sand control at less than 1000 psi. The collapse rating stated by the manufacturer was greater than 7000 psi. The erosion tests demonstrated that inflow from supercharged reservoirs into the wellbore could erode hole(s) in the premium screen. Revised operational procedures were used in six subsequent frac-packs without any additional failures and zero to negative completion skins.

This paper will discuss the failure modes of the two frac-pack/premium screen sand failures, workover planning and execution to remove tubing with multiple control lines and fish screens with shunt tubes from close tolerance casing, as well as procedural revisions developed to successfully frac-pack the subsequent Magnolia reservoirs.

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