The drilling and completing of gas wells in the State of Texas has long been of interest to the Railroad Commission of Texas. The Oil and Gas Division is charged with the responsibility of regulation of the oil and gas industry for the purpose, of conserving petroleum and preventing its waste, providing for equity among owners, protection of usable quality waters from pollution above and below the ground surface, and safety of the public. All the forms which are required by the Commission for drilling, completing and producing a well are designed to satisfy the aforementioned responsibility. Through proper planning, a gas well can be drilled, completed and put on pipe line with an allowable with a minimum amount of paperwork or time lost (which is money). Erroneous form filing or delinquent form filing will only cost the operator of the well time and production, and can cause other operators in a competitive field the loss of usable allowable, and consequently, production.

This paper will cover all forms that are required to drill, complete and obtain an allowable in the State of Texas. Common problem areas on each form will be examined, along with several definitions. Commission notification requirements will be reviewed. Gas well testing procedures and required form submission in regard to timely filing will also be reviewed. Special problems associated with Cotton Valley completions will be discussed.

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