This paper examines the technologies required to develop a Reeled Monodiameter Well, a well using expandable coiled casing that maintains a single diameter of well bore throughout. However, a Reeled Monodiameter well will not be available to the industry tomorrow. Slotted expandable tubulars were introduced to the industry in the recent past and are now finding commercial applications. The concept of solid expandable tubulars for oil well applications is the next logical step of this technology. Joint Venture companies have recently been established to develop the concept of solid expandable tubulars and bring them to the market place. Consideration of the whole package reveals that there are various ways of achieving the end objective as described in this paper. There are still key technological challenges, notably in the areas of expandable casings, annular isolation techniques, over gauge hole drilling and novel hanger systems that will have to be addressed before this process becomes everyday reality. Possible solutions to these challenges are presented.

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