High Pressure Coiled Tubing (HPCT) has been utilized to perform stimulation, memory production logging, plug retrieval, washing across a gravel pack screen and gravel pack logging. The two jobs reported here comprised of seven runs.

The work was performed in the Gulf of Mexico on the Troika field in Green Canyon 200 (Figure 1). The rig was Global Marine's semi-submersible the Glomar Arctic 1 working in approximately 2700 feet of water.

The wells are high rate, high-pressure oil wells. They are capable of flowing in excess of 30,000 BOPD and 60 MMSCFD. This field has reset the Gulf of Mexico record for the highest rate oil producers.

Operations were performed with up to 9 feet of heavy seas with 6,600 psi on the well head and at 18,300 feet total depth.

The objectives of both jobs were met, and the extreme well conditions pushed the operating envelope of the equipment and the personnel. The authors believe that the quality of onsite personnel, a steep learning curve along with generally accepted best practices, and advances in procedures and equipment allowed the successful execution of these jobs.

The cost of the CT was approximately 10% of the total daily operational cost.

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