This paper is a followup to SPE 46031, and will expand on economical shallow gas fracturing techniques utilizing a coiled tubing conduit. Hereinafter in this paper, the name CoilFRAC™ will used in place of the phrase ‘Coiled Tubing Conveyed.

The wells in the area of study are located in southeastern Alberta. The reservoir pay intervals in these shallow gas wells consist of high clay content, low permeability sandstones with interbedded shales. The wells in the study have multiple zones of interest and further discussions will be based on these multiple zones.

Due to the economics involved using conventional fracturing methods, the wells in this study have been treated with a unique multiple fracture program which allows access to typically bypassed pay.

Treating multiple zones in a given well within one day has given the producer a new realized ROI by reducing well production downtime and economically increasing production. This technique has been continually improved and modified through unconventional designs since 1996 to what is today a very effective routine method of stimulating and increasing production today.

The case study will define and present production and production logging data, relative to the associated costs, to demonstrate the impact this service has had on the operators' selection of workover candidates and new well optimization.

Coiled Tubing technology has provided an efficient and economic alternative to bridge plug and service rig type of zonal isolation techniques when stimulating more than one zone of interest.

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