Coiled tubing is a live well tool that has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. A new tool designed for the use with coiled tubing removes the gas from two-phase fluids. The phase separator has been successfully used to remove drilling damage and increase production in deep, low-pressure gas wells. The phase separator can also be used to separate the gas from two-phase systems when a Positive Displacement Motor is used in drilling and/or milling applications.

The introduction of the separator is a major breakthrough in downhole jetting technology. The mechanics that effect the removal of oilfield scales and permeability damage that restrict oil and gas production as well as injectivity will be discussed. The purpose for the tool development, laboratory testing techniques and methods are also presented.

This paper will focus on the technical benefits the tool brings to jetting applications. Procedures that have not been possible in low-pressure wells may now be accomplished and will be discussed.

Highly successful case studies will be outlined and analyzed to show the benefits derived when the gas is separated from the two-phase system. Most coiled tubing applications involve jetting technology and the new gas separator will broaden coiled tubing's role in the oil and gas industry.

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