In this paper, the use of friction factor profile trends to predict downhole problems in Coiled Tubing and other pipe-running operations is discussed. A simple method to calculate the effective and local friction profile is presented. The relationship between the profile trends and downhole problems is discussed. The simpler technique of using a surface weight vs depth chart for a range of realistic friction factors, with superimposed limiting conditions, is discussed in detail. It is shown how pull tests and running loads can be tracked on this chart, and trend departures used to predict potential problems downhole. Three field examples are used to illustrate the use of the techniques described in this paper. It is shown that these techniques are not limited to Coiled Tubing operations, and can be applied to a variety of pipe-running operations. This paper concludes that such charts, or on-line friction prediction methods are invaluable tools, and should become standard operating procedure in CT operations worldwide.

P. 119

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