Tools such as mud motors, indexing tools, and hydraulic kickovers use pumping for rotation or lateral displacement. In special cases, however, coiled tubing operators must manipulate coiled tubing (CT) bottomhole assemblies (BHA's) without the benefit of pumping.

On this occasion the production company's tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) guns did not fire. Operators cut the guns off, expecting them to drop in the rathole, but instead, the guns lodged in mud solids at the production interval. CT engineers had to design a toolstring that could bypass the obstruction and access the unperforated production interval with TCP guns without the use of conventional hydraulic or rotational tools.

In this particular case study, operators did not have to pump to bypass a downhole obstruction, such as a fish in a deviated wellbore; instead, they used mechanical indexing tools that had been configured into specialized BHA's.

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