This paper will discuss how a simple to operate, personal computer (PC) based data monitoring and recording system can improve the reliability of Coiled Tubing (CT) operations by providing on site information of real-time key operational parameters like tubing life, tubing forces, operating limits and design versus actual data. It will also describe how the efficiency can be improved by simplifying the repetitive tasks of connecting the data sensors, configuring the system, storing the CT life information with the string itself and generating a customizable report during or after the job.


Coiled tubing (CT) operations are becoming more demanding - both to the personnel and equipment involved. This is principally due to the attraction of servicing oil and gas wells without the absolute requirement for a conventional rig on location. This attraction is further increased as the reliability and economy of coiled tubing interventions improve. In addition, some modern well bore configurations, e.g., extended reach, rely on CT conveyed techniques.

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