Two coiled tubing conveyed concentric gravel packs were performed to repair screen damage of existing open hole gravel packs. Both completions were initially drilled and underreamed to 1!" with a polymerized calcium carbonate drill-in fluid and gravel packed using water pack techniques. Case histories are presented with pre/post production data for this remedial operation which utilized recent technological developments of the circulating gravel pack packer and sand screen. A risk sharing alliance was employed to meet the needs of the operator while providing incentive to the service sector for the first operation of its type in Trinidad.

Cumulative production gain of 500 BOPD from both wells was obtained at a cost savings of approximately $1.8 MMUSD when compared to conventional rig repair options. The payout time for each well was approximately 4 months. These two operations were major achievements in coiled tubing sand control technology for the following reasons:

  • Well E-ll: Longest circulating gravel pack assembly (480’) installed to date.

  • Well E-19: Most sand placed through the gravel pack packer (12,800 lb.).

  • Clarified xanthan gum was used for the first time in this type of operation as a carrying agent due to its shear thinning properties to reduce friction pressure under circulating conditions and provide gravel suspension when static.

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