Well intervention requires reliable pressure data and real-time monitoring of multiple annuli simultaneously to confirm appropriate pressure response of actuated valves and components. The current industry standard uses traditional monitoring methods which involve reading digital crystal gauges and manually recording the values at increments for interpretation. This paper presents a case study where the operator reduced the probability of human error, and improved assurance and safety by utilizing a digital solution during an intervention campaign.

During operations, personnel used digital pressure testing software to monitor annulus pressures while performing acid stimulation pressure pumping operations and verified test outcomes during additional intervention operations. To conduct these tests, pressure transducers were tied into the locations where a digital gauge would normally be located, and cables connected to a data acquisition unit for interpretation by operations personnel. The software monitored and analyzed the data in real time to validate the operator's criteria, and all real-time data was able to be viewed both on-site and remotely. When tests completed, reports were auto generated and stored for ease of access.

The process described above resulted in a safer testing environment by utilizing transducer cables and a data acquisition unit, allowing personnel to remain a safe distance away, as opposed to the traditional method of taking manual readings near pressurized areas. High resolution digital data was constantly monitored, instead of taking readings in increments, allowing for the improved visualization of annulus or tubing pressures in real time and improving the efficiency of operations. This on-site and remote real-time visualization allowed for better communication and interpretation of appropriate pressure response when shifting sleeves, equalizing pressures, or performing coiled tubing cleanouts. When all intervention work was completed, a comprehensive end of well report was generated to provide a record of all operations and reduce communication errors during handover or subsequent operations throughout the well lifecycle.

This digital software solution and equipment tie in used for intervention operations provides a safer environment, more accountability, improved decision making, and more efficient communication in handover. The ability for real time monitoring of pressure response improves participation and collaboration between personnel both on-site and in remote locations. Comprehensive documentation provides an auditable history of events which can be used to improve future operations and promote best practices.

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