Workover rig drillout operations can be some of the most costly and important activities in the life cycle of a well. Through the expanded collection of operation-specific data, operators and service companies alike can increase operational efficiency, improving both cost and predictability of a given operation. Within the workover rig completion space, this has allowed for more in-depth analysis to be conducted in a previously data-scarce part of the industry. Acquisition and analysis of this data has opened the door for further operational efficiency improvements as well as more consistent and predictable execution.

This paper will focus on three examples that examine the value extracted from analytics conducted on data that has been captured in real time. These include: 1) Establishing baselines for key performance indicators (KPIs), 2) Developing best practices for frac plug milling operations, and 3) Optimal plug selection.

Analysis and implementation of these data-driven solutions have already resulted in significant improvements in the workover rig completion space. Using these techniques to set performance targets for rig personnel, several operators have seen improvements in well-to-well transitions, mobilization and connection times, as well as overall plug milling performance. Data behind several milling practices shows that top performances require the combination of higher average weight on bit, a bit as close to drift ID as possible, and the use of tools that allow pump rate to be maximized. Milling performance recorded on a sample size of over 25,000 plugs provides confirmation of optimal plug selection options in each basin for drillout purposes.

The collection and analysis of data across the industry continues to present opportunities to quantify and implement strategies that have resulted in improvements across the board. Incorporating analytics to stick pipe operations has resulted in comprehensive benchmarking of operations and improved execution of workover rig drillouts.

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