The objective of the paper is to describe successful fishing operation with Intelligent CT Telemetry System of diverter tool (16,847ft) that has been stuck in the multi-branch well in the slanted main bore section. Previous attempts to recover the diverter with slickline (SL)were unsuccessful.

The completion included a Lateral Entry Nipple at the lateral junction that enabled selective entry. The first run was planned with Venturi Junk Basket (VJB) to condition the well by cleaning top of the diverter tool. During first attempt to release diverter tool, it was discovered that a section from the Inflatable Thu-Tubing Cement Retainer (ITTCR) was left at the top of the diverter tool during water-shut-off (WSO) operations performed previously in the lateral sub horizontal bore. Thereby, additional run to recover ITTCR section and afterwards the main run of diverter retrieval was completed with the use of a TeleCoil 2-7/8″ Integrated Sensor, including a Tension-Compression-Torque (TCT) sensor subassembly that transmitted real-time axial forces applied from the surface through coiled tubing pipe.

For the first time a 2-7/8″ TCT subassembly was engaged in fishing operations to improve job execution and bring additional value to customer. The novelty of using CTT system with TCT subassembly helped to recover the diverter tool which was stuck in the well for 12 years. During both runs, against all challenges such as negligible fish weights, well deviation and buoyancy effect, the TCT sensor had detected presence of fish as additional gained weight in tension during coiled tubing (CT) pulling out of hole (POOH). The downhole loads transmitted by the pipe have confirmed that coiled tubing was more severely buckled in the well in comparison with simulation predicted values.

Furthermore, while POOH with the latched diverter tool, due to wellbore completion configuration, pull up parameters were adjusted to pass gently through restrictions based on real-time casing collar locator (CCL) & TCT downhole readings. It was another proven case history of an effective alternative option of prong & plug retrieval in challenging well conditions.

Integration of TCT sensor in fishing operations provides critical real-time downhole parameters for successful retrieval of the fish from the wellbore. Fluctuations of downhole slack off weights and additional tension of TCT tool as indication of fish release and further latch, opens the doors for other options of TCT tool utilization in coming future.

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