A customer in Asia Pacific had challenges with high gas oil ratios on several wells that limited production as not to exceed a gas handling facilities capacity. One of the most effective and challenging options proposed to isolate the intervals of high gas production was the installation of expandable metal patches. While historically the preferred deployment method of a patch has been wireline, due to the accuracy required to set the patch, with coiled tubing enhanced in providing real-time data transfer, the advantages of utilizing it for installing mechanical isolation become superior.

The Intelligent coiled tubing system consists of a customized bottom hole assembly that transmits differential pressure, temperature, casing collar locator and tension-compression-torque data instantaneously to the surface via a nonintrusive wire installed inside the coiled tubing string. All of these parameters are crucial for an appropriate deployment of a patch, the information is required to accurately understand the scenario of what is happening downhole at each given moment and what effect a control input could possibly have on the work scope

The right solution to a problematic well is only as good as the accuracy it can be applied with. The Intelligent Coiled Tubing System was a defining factor for the success of the production solutions. The setting process of the patch is composed of several duplicated cycles; these cycles must be performed simultaneously and be harmoniously integrated with a very small margin for error. On an intervention where 99% accuracy is not enough, the proper performance of each patch installed, is also attributed to the precision of the data received from the sensors in the BHA, this made possible for the patch to be set at the right depth and in the due diligence required for the scope.

The efficient system performance confirmed the advantage of using intelligent coiled tubing for patch installation, providing immediate production benefits to the operator and direct positive financial impact. This paper will detail the process followed, to successfully set the multiple patches in the several wells. It will also highlight the accuracy from the coiled tubing performance simulation vs the execution.

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