Discuss a cost-effective rigless methodology to abandon complex onshore wells.

  • Onshore wells can be near housing, and multiple non-technical risks (NTR) need to be carefully managed to keep the license to operate.

  • Select a 100% electric rigless plug and abandonment (P&A) unit to reduce emissions, smell, and noise contour.

  • Manage and execute a complex P&A scope of work of 60+ wells in three years.

This paper studies the solutions selected and implemented by the project management team in collaboration with the well operator for a successful start-up and cost-effective well abandonment project.

  • Implement the first fully integrated well abandonment project solution for onshore P&A in the Netherlands including well P&A services, hydraulic workover (HWO), logistics, and site preparation.

  • Ensure full compliance with the stringent local mining and environmental regulations.

  • Select a bespoke P&A unit to provide a robust solution for complex P&A work.

  • Select downhole services and technologies to successfully execute a complex, rigless P&A work scope.

The project encompasses over 60 wells on 23 different onshore locations drilled over a 50 year period. The known scope of work and requirements of multiple contingencies while managing NTRs resulted in the selection of a rigless well abandonment solution.

  • A modular, highly capable rigless well abandonment unit in combination with enabling downhole technologies provides a total solution for simple and complex wells.

  • A 100-percent electrically powered P&A unit reduces emissions, smell, and noise contour. This was thefirst electrified P&A unit in the history of the operator running on grid power. All well site equipment is electrically powered (HWO P&A Unit, Mud/Cement Pumps, and ancillary equipment) to reduce emissions, smell, and noise contour.

  • Project management and engineering is key to ensuring efficient planning and close collaboration with the well operator's project team.

  • Collaboration between partners enables multi-skilling and reduction of POB to save additional costs.

  • Improve efficiencies and execution through extensive after-action reviews and learning curves.

  • Successfully execute complex P&A work and re-establish annular cement integrity on multiple complex wells (perforate, wash and cement, section milling, perf, circulate and cement)

  • More than 40 wells completed in two years, and operations continue today.

  • This is the first fully integrated well abandonment approach that includes full project management, well-site supervision, cross-product services, and extensive third-party management (HWO, logistics, and other third-party service companies).

  • A 100% electric P&A unit reduces emissions, smell, and noise contour, delivering a net reduction of CO2 through electrification.

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