Conventionally casing and cement evaluation logging has played a critical part in the success of well intervention operations. Understanding the condition of the casing, whether it is worn or corroded, and the material in the annulus behind the casing, such as cement quality, whether there is fluid, settled barite or even gas directly play into the success or otherwise and also the safety of these operations. Historically this information has only been available from wireline conveyed tools, as a consequence of this other rig operations then have to stop to allow the wireline logging. As wells become more complex, more deviated and deeper, then the time required to obtain this data can become an economic constraint.

This paper will introduce a drillpipe conveyed casing and cement evaluation tool that can be deployed in parallel with other runs in the well to improve the efficiency of well intervention and plug and abandonment operations. This also allows multiple times when this data can be obtained to best fit the rig operations without adding extra time to the rig schedule. Case histories will demonstrate how operators improved efficiency, reduced rigtime and personnel on board, improved the safety of operations and reduced the risk of non-productive time by the application of this new technology.

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