Electrical submersible pump (ESP) changeover operations have been a staple job type for Hydraulic Workover (HWO) operations worldwide for a significant amount of time, evidencing the great efficiency provided by the smaller footprint and quicker overall setup times. However, this well also included a stimulation requirement which is not common at all when coupled with HWO interventions, and which required a very careful design due to the constraints posed by the intervention sequence.

This paper showcases the versatility and interaction of the HWO unit to remove the existing pump following a sand screen failure, run a 4 ½″ insert screen inside the existing 7″ screen, stimulate the formation with a customized mud acid recipe and the installation of a new ESP without shutting the production from the rest of the wells in the platform. The stimulation operation required a very thorough design since the acid would remain in the formation for over 7 days while the rest of the sequences were completed, which had to minimize the risk of the secondary and tertiary reactions’ negative effects to increase the production from the well after the overall intervention was completed. Complimentary to the operation, the job was performed with support from a dynamically positioned (DP-2) vessel and a modular crane for efficient rig-up.

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